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An, Ann, and Anny: Why do you care by Stacy-M-Medina
An, Ann, and Anny: Why do you care
Jasmine: "Why would someone like you even give a shit about someone like me?"

Adult Tee: "Dunno... maybe cause I use ta be in dhe same spot as you..."

An, Ann, and Anny- Tee Kanker (c) :iconvampiremeerkat: VampireMeerkat
Soon... the halls were silent. Hours had passed since that horrible event, leaving SkekAz to lick his wounds as he was tended to by the Scientist SkekYek. There were low growls coming from the defeated warrior, his armor and fur cloak taken off, as all four limbs were under heavy wrappings, one of them in a sling from it's bone being broken, and his sides wrapped tightly to stop the bleeding. As he sat there in the silence of the Scientists lab, he heard SkekYek mutter to him in a tone most amused, <Defeated by a Bard, hmm? Who would have thought that such a weak link would find some form of strength to take you down.>

<Do not be quick to judge one's primal instincts Scientist.> SkekAz answered after a moment or two of breathing and trying to be use to the tightness around his sides. <After all... deep down inside our dear sweet bard... there is a demon begging to be set free.> Lifting one hand up to clench his fist, there came a very wicked grin as he looked over his shoulder to the Scientist, striking fear into the others black heart, <I will make a Skeksis out of our dear Azkeks yet, and soon... there will be nothing left in his kind heart, but darkness and despair...>

Meanwhile, that same night...

<Almost done.> Having been summoned into SkekOk's room, SkekEkt was carefully sowing together Azkek's wounds and making sure to seal them good and tight. Shi had cast hir glance to the side to see the very worried look on SkekOk's face, seeing how he stood there with his hands clenching onto a piece of his fabric and wringing it in terrible worry. <SkekOk dear, you keep that up and you'll ruin your clothes.>

<To hell with my clothes, I can be naked for all I care.> This surprised the Ornamentalist and caused hir to stop a moment to face him. It was there, shi saw that all three of his spectacles were wet... with his tears. <...s-so long as Azkeks is okay. I-If he's okay then... then I'll be fine too.>

There came a moment of silence, SkekEkt thinking long and hard about what he had said, and slowly turned back around to finish what shi started. <...pass me the wraps then, would you? Standing there doing nothing isn't going to help him.>

SkekEkt was right of course, standing about and doing nothing wasn't going to ease his dear friend's wounds, so he reached out to gather the wraps and passed them off to SkekEkt As shi tended to wrapping, slowly he made his way to face Azkeks, who's head remained lowered and cast away from any eye contact, <...Azkeks...? >  There was a moment of silence after SkekOk spoke, he reached out his thin hand to his friend and took hold of the other's palm, < you wish for me to escort you to your room...?> Something in his words caused Azkek's to open his eyes a little wider, is head lifting up quickly. <I'm certain that after all that's happened you'd-?!> In one sudden moment, SkekOk gasped to find all four limbs around his small frame. Azkeks held him closely, tightly... and was shaking. Was he afraid of something? Could it be he didn't want to be alone? After all that's happened, SkekOk wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

<I think my job here is done.> Slowly rising and collecting many of hir threads and needles, SkekEkt looked back and gave SkekOk a slight smile, <I'll leave you two be for now. I should be heading off to my own chambers anyway. It's rather late.>

<Thank you, SkekEkt.> SkekOk replied, giving a light hand wave as he watched SkekEkt leave his chambers and closed his doors. The two were alone. Together... at night. It left him a little bit... baffled to be honest, on what to do. Does he say anything? Does he try to get Azkeks to rest? Perhaps get him something to-

<...s-skekok.> The smaller skeksis's thoughts fell silent, listening to the one that held him so close, <... did... did he hurt you?>  It was then that SkekOk listened, a bit more intently as he heard his friend hold him closer. <I... I won't... I won't let him.> He continued, his voice slowly giving off a rather dangerous growl in his tone, as his hands held SkekOk's frame rather intimately. <I won't let him touch you. Ever.> SkekOk softly gasps, his eyes wide with shock and his cheeks giving off a slight tint of red hue. What was this? Was... did Azkeks- No. It couldn't be... and yet, SkekOk found himself moving his hands to slowly wrap around the taller one, fingers softly brushing against the flesh of Azkeks body.

That's right, he had totally forgotten that Azkeks was without his robes! Well, almost without them, after all he still had some covering up from his hips down-But still! This. This wasn't natural! Having feelings for Azkeks like this, but at the same time as he had already admitted to SkekEkt his true feelings for his friend... part of him wanted nothing more than to have Azkeks holding him like this forever. His spectacles tilted to the side a moment, he needed to adjust them; just as he moved a hand away and lift his beak, he froze to find his eyes meeting Azkeks. The two of them looking to one another for what felt like forever. <...A-Azkeks... I... nnghm... M-My spec-?!> Slowly, Azkeks hand rose up to take SkeOk's glasses and gently placed them on the night table by the bed. <W-What?>

As Azkeks began moving his frame away, allowing them to see each other more properly, he moved one hand to reach out for SkekOk's and held it close to his wrapped chest, letting him feel the heart beat that was felt inside, <... SkekOk... I'm... I'm afraid. I don't want to leave the castle without... without having said my peace. If...> The tall Skeksis moved his hand out to lightly raise SkekOk's head, their eyes looking towards each other with their beaks softly caressing one another, <... If I left.. knowing you would be here for me when I return... I would travel to the heavens and back... just... just to be with you again.>

SkekOk was flabbergasted. In all his years on this gods forsaken planet, never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that he would be sitting here with Azkeks and being told all of these... these... beautiful things. How funny that of all the Skeksis, creatures who know nothing of love or peace or even happiness; Azkeks was by far... the most unique. With his hand settled on the others chest, his eyes softening to his gaze, he wasn't sure what it was... but ever so slowly, he rests his head softly on the others wrapped chest. Hand resting on one side as it's held by Askeks, feeling himself being lulled to rest, <Azkeks... you old fool... how-how can you say things like this... knowing that our kind can never express love... or joy?>

<That's not true...> Leaning in a little closer and moving all four hands to pull SkekOk's body close, the smaller one would soon find he was settled right above Askeks lap to sit, <...when you and I share tales and songs... my heart swells with joy. When I listen to your words of history, I am lost in bliss...> Leaning in closer, their beaks now very much together, his voice softened as one set of his arms wrapped around SkekOk's back, the bottom set softly cupping under his cheeks, <And when I am close to you... I am filled with this sensation to just... just...> As his words trailed off and was unable to continue, he moves his beak closer... and kissed the smaller Skeksis.

SkekOk's eyes had grown and seemed to be in shock at the action, but, it didn't compel him to move away. Instead, this sensation between them drove him to wrap his own arms around the other, the bottom set around Azkeks hips, the top set around his neck. His eyes had softened and later closed to enjoy the moment shared between the two Skeksis; oh how he never wanted this moment to end. Was this what SkekEkt meant when shi saw how happy he was with Azkeks? It must have been, there is not other explanation for it. This... this was love, and it's a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Carefully adjusting himself on the other's lap and pushing closer towards Azkeks, there was a surprised chuckle coming from the taller one as they kissed, as it was mixed with SkekOk's own giggles.

The moment the two pulled apart to catch their breaths, their foreheads rested against each other, soft pants heard gently brushing against their beaks, their eyes meeting once more. SkekOk smiled and moved one hand to softly caress the small feathery beard on Azkeks and whispered, <...your beard tickled.>

Azkeks blinks, snerks, and laughs happily as he nuzzled his beak against SkekOk's, <Is that so? Then perhaps I should shave it then?>

<No, no... I liked it.> SkekOk admitted with a slight tint of red on his cheeks. He would slowly move all four arms around Azkeks' neck and with a gentle motion, SkekOk was found on his back, while Azkeks was on top. It made him giggle to see Azkeks surprised, but rather pleased expression, <Azkeks... make me a promise... a promise that... we both can share when you return..?>

<And what sort of promise, would you like?> Azkeks leaned in when SkekOk lift his beak to whisper, the taller skeksis felt his eyes grow wide, as he looked down to him quickly. <...are... are you sure?> He wondered, <You realize that... if I do this...>

<I know of the consequences,> SkekOk said, reaching one hand to cup Azkeks cheeks as he smiled, <... and there is no other Skeksis... I would rather be with.>

With a warm blush on his cheeks, Azkeks not only felt delighted... but honored. He slowly moves himself a little, adjusting his position, as he whispers, <SkekOk...>


<....I love you...>
Skeksis Tales: SkekOk and AzKeks pt3
Awe, isn't this romantic? But where's the juicy stuff you're wondering. WELL... Ask me for the link~
Chapter 5. Pg 4 by Stacy-M-Medina
Chapter 5. Pg 4
Here it is folks! Chapter 5 of page 4, now that Seaborn is getting everything together, its time to get thing's started~!
  • Mood: Humor
Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap I've been taaaaaaaaaaagged!! Meeeh, darnit :icondemonic-pokeyfruit: Demonic-Pokeyfruit I vill git you fer dhis DB<

So this is wut I gotta do damnit, so go ahead and comment~

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. (please)
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I doing right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.


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